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belated: great treatment of excerpt on cooking w/family I shared housing w/in CA’s Salinas Valley over @GiltTaste http://ow.ly/9Ffth

15 Mar

Living and eating with Farmworkers: My latest for @WSJSpeakeasy http://on.wsj.com/wVEzot

1 Mar

This essay about a teenage girl that I lived with in the Salinas Valley gives a nice sampling, I think, of my writing and storytelling in the book. Not much heavy policy analysis here, but more a sense of what it’s like to live and work in the Salinas Valley. Would love to hear people’s thoughts!

in other farm labor news: Alabama anti-immigrant law costs state $11 billion, via

2 Feb

Great piece over at Politico on an economist’s study showing that Alabama’s stringent new immigration legislation is costing the state anywhere from $2 billion to $11 billion in lost revenues.