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Detroit & Food Deserts: Check me @TheTakeaway this a.m. w/ @WDET ‘s Laura Weber Davis re: #DetroitFoodEconomy

22 Feb

on air now with AM950 in Minnesota, Food

24 Nov

on air now with AM950 in Minnesota, Food Freedom Radio. Tune in if you can!

Miss me talking w/ @TessVigeland on @MarketplaceAPM? You can listen to the audio here!

29 Oct

I loved getting to talk with one of my favorite NPR shows — Marketplace Money — earlier this year, and the audio finally made it onto broadcast. Check it out here.

Flattered, humbled at the company @WholeLiving put me in as a Food Visionary @MarcusCooks @DanBarber @MikeBloomberg etc.

15 Oct

I”m still getting used to seeing portraits of myself, but I can’t complain about the roster of talent that Martha Stewart Whole Living put me in line with in their November issue’s Food Visionary List:

  • Dan Barber
  • Wendell Berry
  • Michael Bloomberg
  • Jeff Bridges
  • BrightFarms
  • FoodCorps
  • Maisie Greenawalt
  • Will Harris
  • Wes Jackson
  • Abeni Massey
  • Jim McGovern
  • Marion Nestle
  • Nell Newman
  • Michel Nischan
  • Ellen Pikitch
  • Marcus Samuelsson
  • Bill Shore
  • Marla Spivak

Foxconn is to Apple as ____ is to U.S. farms: Recent work and news from Tracie McMillan

14 Sep

The Latest: Feature in The American Prospect
Foxconn is to Apple as _____ is to American farms. Fill in the blanks w/ @TMMcMillan latest for @FERNnews & @theprospect

As Common As Dirt
In the fields of California, wage theft
is how business gets done

October 2012


Column for Slate:
Cooking Isn’t Fun, But you should do it anyway. (978 comments)
August 27, 2012
Column on’s Eatocracy:

IMPACT: Political

Congressional Quarterly Researcher
Farm Bill Report

Uses my work to frame discussion of food
and agriculture in America
August 10, 2012

IMPACT: Educational

UC-San Diego
Sociology of Food
Fall 2012
200 students

University of Mississippi – Oxford
Center for Writing and Rhetoric
Winter 2012
400-500 students


Wisconsin Public Radio
August 30, 2012
6 am
Joy Cardin Show: Cooking can be annoying, but do it anyway.

NPR’s The Splendid Table
August 25, 2012
The American Way of Eating

Monadnock Lyceum address
July 28, 2012
Rethinking Food Politics in America: From Farmer’s Markets to Walmart

NPR listeners: I’m on @SplendidTable today in many cities; this local list of broadcast times will tell you when:

26 Aug

Check me out on NPR’s @SplendidTable this weekend! Check local listings here

23 Aug

So thrilled to be on NPR’s @SplendidTable this weekend! Check local listings here

22 Aug

right. Video link of that Rachel Maddow thing.

4 Aug

Finally getting around to embedding a copy of my filmed TV appearances. In case you’ve been sitting around, anxiously awaiting a way to stare at me chatter away on screen, you can now readily find such entertainment:
Rachel Maddow Show, March 7

Prepping to jump on air @ 9 for @WGDR “Relocalizing Vermont” show

2 Aug