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The first cover story about my work! Lovely Q&A, excerpt from @MetroTimes Thanks, guys!

28 Mar

belated: great treatment of excerpt on cooking w/family I shared housing w/in CA’s Salinas Valley over @GiltTaste

15 Mar

my latest for @LATimes: Holy @TedNugent, we’re all foodies now!

4 Mar

my latest for @LATimes: Holy @TedNugent, we’re all foodies now!

4 Mar

I had a quick op-ed go up over at the LATimes this morning about the unspoken crossover between conservatives like Ted Nugent and sustainable food advocates like Michael Pollan. My favorite quip in the piece:

It would be easy to dismiss this overlap as little more than a missed opportunity for a reality show: A boar-hunting battle between Nugent and Pollan, or a cook-off between Alice Waters and Shemane. There is plenty on which ardent pro-gun supporters and the marquee names advocating for local and sustainable food do not agree. And yet, maybe that’s precisely the point.

Please go read the whole piece and comment!

Working at Applebee’s I thought I’d be one of the boys. Then a co-worker drugged my drink. @thedailybeast

2 Mar

Living and eating with Farmworkers: My latest for @WSJSpeakeasy

1 Mar

This essay about a teenage girl that I lived with in the Salinas Valley gives a nice sampling, I think, of my writing and storytelling in the book. Not much heavy policy analysis here, but more a sense of what it’s like to live and work in the Salinas Valley. Would love to hear people’s thoughts!

Check it: RT Tracie McMillan @TMMcMillan busts food myths with her new book ‘The American Way of Eating’ for today’s @vsl

24 Feb

i had so much fun pulling together this quick set of links for the Very Short List — a delightful daily email founded by Studio 360’s Kurt Anderson. Check it out – -but I think you have to sign up in order to see it! (So, totally worth it!)