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Foxconn is to Apple as _____ is to American farms. Fill in the blanks with my latest for @FERNnews and @theprospect

11 Sep

How bad can American jobs get? Just ask Ignacio Villalobos, a 75-year-old farmworker in California’s Imperial Valley — a lifelong farmworker whose job foretells a disturbing future for America’s working class. Check it out in the October issue of The American Prospect.

NPR listeners: I’m on @SplendidTable today or tomorrow, and this local list of broadcast times will tell you when:

25 Aug

Check me out on CNN! RT @eatocracy: How much of your grocery money goes to farmers? Likely much less than you think.

9 Aug

Lazy Americans unite: Let’s make it EASY to get good food!! Check out my guest post for @Ruhlman

25 Jul

Hey, happy early July 4th. By the way: Your hamburger hates America: I make my @PostOutlook debut!

1 Jul

Check out “Food’s Class Warfare,” my latest for @Slate and @FutureTense

27 Jun

“My Year on Food Stamps,” my latest piece — and first for @GourmetLive

31 May

I’m so pleased with how this essay I wrote about being on SNAP — known informally as food stamps — for a year while I was writing my book. As I note in the essay, this wasn’t “reporting,” but basic poverty. I really look forward to hearing everyone’s thoughts on the piece! (And remember: If you comment on pieces online, editors know it’s a topic they have an audience for and are more likely to assign related pieces!)

The first cover story about my work! Lovely Q&A, excerpt from @MetroTimes Thanks, guys!

28 Mar

belated: great treatment of excerpt on cooking w/family I shared housing w/in CA’s Salinas Valley over @GiltTaste

15 Mar

my latest for @LATimes: Holy @TedNugent, we’re all foodies now!

4 Mar