Foxconn is to Apple as ____ is to U.S. farms: Recent work and news from Tracie McMillan

14 Sep

The Latest: Feature in The American Prospect
Foxconn is to Apple as _____ is to American farms. Fill in the blanks w/ @TMMcMillan latest for @FERNnews & @theprospect

As Common As Dirt
In the fields of California, wage theft
is how business gets done

October 2012


Column for Slate:
Cooking Isn’t Fun, But you should do it anyway. (978 comments)
August 27, 2012
Column on’s Eatocracy:

IMPACT: Political

Congressional Quarterly Researcher
Farm Bill Report

Uses my work to frame discussion of food
and agriculture in America
August 10, 2012

IMPACT: Educational

UC-San Diego
Sociology of Food
Fall 2012
200 students

University of Mississippi – Oxford
Center for Writing and Rhetoric
Winter 2012
400-500 students


Wisconsin Public Radio
August 30, 2012
6 am
Joy Cardin Show: Cooking can be annoying, but do it anyway.

NPR’s The Splendid Table
August 25, 2012
The American Way of Eating

Monadnock Lyceum address
July 28, 2012
Rethinking Food Politics in America: From Farmer’s Markets to Walmart

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